As a change to the usual single competitive fixture, head coach Matt Partridge devised a local mini festival and invited near neighbours and friends Salcombe and Ivybridge. As well as developing local relations it gave Kingsbridge the opportunity to run out as many of their large squad as possible.

Kingsbridge were therefore able to enter 3 equally matched 8 player teams while Ivybridge entered 2, and Salcombe 1.

Matt put together a great program where everyone would play everyone in 8 minute fixtures.


The emphasis was on good fun, great rugby and good humour and to help this along the games were not scored so there were no winners or losers. Even if it had been competitive, it would have been so close as the teams were so evenly matched.

As well as all the boys and girls who took part, special mention must go the. Matt and his team Steve Royle who refereed all morning, Simon Rodwell, Nick Perrett, Nick Roberts, who managed the 3 Kingsbridge teams, and an extra special thanks to Mark Ferguson who could well be offered a position as head groundsman at the Millenium Stadium for his pitch marking and organisational skills. Not forgetting the time keeper Pete Gerrard who has a very big hooter!