Plymstock RFC 0 – 48 Kingsbridge RFC

A blustery day at Plymstock for the Kingsbridge U13’s on Sunday meant it was going to be a game that was heavily fought or lost in the minds. Kingsbridge not having played a game in 3 weeks were eager for a good start playing against the wind.

The first 10minutes of the game were played in the center of the pitch as each side set to draw a mistake from the other. Straight away you could see Kingsbridge were more up for a fight than Plymstock, the forwards not giving any ground to their opposite numbers. A scramble for the ball saw Ben Leetham come out with the ball, crossing outside to inside with a great run through the defense and on to score the first try of the game. Seconds later he has enough strength to drive the conversion between the posts. The ball only just going over after a strong gust almost sees the ball coming back towards him and back over the crossbar.

The rest of the second half was much the same, impressive strength and team support from the Kingsbridge squad, with tries from Wilf McCarthy, Ted Slade and Vadim Goss finishing off the half. By far the most impressive try of the half was straight from the restart after a Kingsbridge try, Wilf collected the ball and sprinted through the main bulk of the defense but gets held up so lays out a beautiful pass to Alex Sheradon who pushes further towards the try line, Wilf screaming for the ball as he catches Alex up who then passes between the last of the defense back to Wilf who flies home with an impressive try. The wind played against Ben Leetham in his attempts to get the conversions and gets one out of the three over the bar.

The second half began much the same as the first ended with a strong Henry Blake showing his impressive stature to anyone that wanted some, pushing through the Plymstock defense like butter, great support from Alex who received the ball with pace which saw him fly past the disheveled backs to score a try within a minute. This time Ben kicks well over and past the bar into the field beyond with the help from the wind.

Now with the wind against them and seriously down on points and morale Plymstock go further into plunder with the loss of a player. Kingsbridge supply one of their own in the name of Indy Jenson. Great team spirit.

Another KB try a few minutes later came from another heavy push from Henry Blake releasing the ball this time to an aggressive Ben Leetham who takes another try in his stride from down the wing. Plymstock just couldn’t get out of their own half. The conversion had good distance from Ben but went sailing wide.

Again from the restart Plymstock couldn’t get any distance into the KB half, Kingsbridge were just too strong and easily turned the ball over into their favour and headed straight towards the try line. Ben passed straight to Alex, then to Sol Thomas who almost gets the ball down but somehow the Plymstock defense holds strong. But, Henry Blake seized the ball and hammers it to the floor. A well worked try by a team that only a few weeks ago were looking very lack luster. They’re a very different team right now. This time Flynn Bewley converted easily and the crowd went wild.

Another 2 injuries for Plymstock halted proceedings for a minute as Kingsbridge had to take two of their own off to make the teams match. Plymstock, not their best day at all.

The second half you would have thought that Kingsbridge would have capitalised even further on their domination of the match with points but actually Plymstock grew stronger, holding Kingsbridge for the last 10 minutes of the game in the middle of the pitch. Kingsbridge knew they had done enough to seal the victory and when the final whistle came a lack luster Plymstock looked happy it was over. The elated young Kingsbridge team deserved this win and sure this is the turn around point in their season. Great team effort, fast and strong support and light on their feet meant it was a good all round game from KB.