Kingsbridge U15s 34 – 12 Saltash U15s

Saltash possessed two hard running players who were a constant threat in broken play and Seb Ansley and Fynn McCoy had to combine to snuff out one of their early attacks. Tom Putt settled nerves with a skillful penalty kick, to give respite from the early Saltash onslaught, after Stu Harris put pressure on the opposition lineout and Angus Johnstonecaught a difficult clearance kick. From there it became one way blue traffic with only a stern defensive effort from the visitors preventing a whitewash.

No 8 Luke Musgrave and Tom Putt at inside centre combined a number of times,with the big forward alternately carrying himself, with Putt running a dummy line, or passing to Putt for a crash ball. On the first such occasion the blue leviathan picked up at the base of a scrum 15 metres out and went over the line with defenders hanging off him like baubles on a christmas tree. Putt converted into a strong wind.

George Rivas set up the next try. Catching a high kick on the right wing, he ran a curved line around the defence and drew his opposite winger, before setting Charlie Rawlinson free in space and at speed. Rawlinson is the only person who can sprint and grin at the same time. This advantage over the rest of the male population may serve him well in the future as there have been presidents who could not walk and chew gum at the same time.


The scrum set up the next two tries after the blue eight waddled whiled they worked. Off the base of advancing scrums, first Angus Johnstone and then Luke Musgrave crossed the try line. In Musgrave’s case he knew he would score and the nearest defender knew it too. The pair contrived a gentleman’s agreement that as a try was inevitable there was no need to get dirty or hurty and the number 8 crossed the line at a slow canter so as not to break the terms of the agreement. Putt’s conversion was high and handsome but not wide.

Fast hands through the three quarter line later set winger Jamie Ogglesby into space for a try in the corner despite the attention of three defenders. Kings were now 34 points ahead when, for the fourth game running, Kings gave away two tries in calamatous style to continue the January Sales. Roll on February.