Exmouth U16’s 35     Kingsbridge U16’s 21

Kingsbridge travelled to Exmouth on Sunday for their first game in eleven weeks and with only a handful of training sessions in that period too, the squad knew that the game wasn’t going to be easy. Exmouth kicked off, put pressure on Kingsbridge and eventually forced an error which Exmouth kicked into a three point lead. The game continued with possession spread evenly between the two teams. Exmouth then managed to get the ball out to their Number 11 who saw a gap in the Kingsbridge defence, shot to the line and put Exmouth 8 points ahead. Exmouth were now feeling confident and highlighted Kingsbridge’s unorganised defence as they scored again just before halftime.

Exmouth’s confident play continued in the second half as they picked up a Kingsbridge kick over and scored yet another try. Kings then seemed to get their act together and from a good ruck Louis Chapman fed the ball to Sam Jones who quickly passed it back inside to James Tait. James sliced through the Exmouth defence and they were unable to catch him as he powered over the line. Exmouth replied using their No4’s massive size advantage following a lineout on King’s 5m line. Kings never let their heads drop and kept recycling the ball down the pitch finally being rewarded as Ben Woods crashed over the line. Kings then retaliated again, the team working well to get the ball to Sam West who dodged through Exmouth and put Kings within 4 points of their score.

Unfortunately despite Kings momentum the Referee disallowed two tries. This rattled Kings and along with some ‘loose’ decisions Exmouth took advantage and made the score line more flattering than it should have been at the end of the game.